« "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self"

So after much soul searching and deliberations that don't need to be dragged out into the open at this point, I've come to the conclusion that I need to actively start writing about the field that's been good to me and that I love: the Custom Electronics Installation Industry


 1) My philanthropic hope is to be able to hopefully pass on what I've been referring to as the Tribal Knowledge I've accumulated over the past two decades plus in AV (hence the name of my blog - you see what I did there?)

Since I literally grew up in this industry and overall it's been good to me and allowed me to make a pretty damn good living and take care of my wife and kids, I'm at the point in my life where I'd like to think that maybe I have something to finally give back.

2) My selfish goal is to get some more visibility and leverage it for my overall marketing purposes since business wise, it's a whole new ballgame out there - especially in Silicon Valley where I'm based and do the majority of my work. Let's face it, I know I'm a hell of a nice guy but I'm not looking to file for not for profit status anytime soon, I gotz to pay my billz y'all

3) My realistic goal and the lowest hanging fruit on the tree is that I just want to practice being a better writer, period. I spend all my time writing in contract and specification speak, and I want to actually be, you know, creative with words: so if no one ever reads this, oh well, that's a very likely outcome but at least it's something I can say I'm putting my best effort into and committing to, to better myself.


This is the tricky part:

I am the first to profess that I am the furthest thing from a professional writer, so I'm going to start small and write this blog.

I've already received a ton of overwhelming support and advice from some very cool people:

1) My amazing wife, Dawn who has the ignomious task of actually living with me and having to sacrifice many "be home in an hour" nights and supports the long hours that I invariably put in and now operating as my primary sounding board and editor-at-large.

2) George Tucker aka TuckerTues who I'm probably going to blatantly emulate from time to time until I get a better feel and find my own voice for my attempts at sharing my thoughts.

3) Although I don't know him personally, I'm sure that John Sciacca will find a way to point out to me that he's one of the benchmarks I'll need to measure myself against (and even though I might not say it out loud - the dude is totally right - if you're a fan of AV and/or writing with a unique voice, he's a must read.)

For those keeping score, check out George's Blog or alternately you can find him on twitter @TuckerTues

John Sciacca's Mad skillz can be indulged in all it's glory on his Blog or you can find him on twitter @SciaccaTweets

That's it for now, so in the words of "Ted" Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esquire

"Be excellent to each other"

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